The Animator (Elliot Finn, Michael Del Ray)

Duration: 39:55 Views: 4.5K Submitted: 4 months ago Year: 2021
Description: Howard (Michael Del Ray), a handsome but unfashionable accountant, has a ho hum life. He's in a stale marriage and has a dead end job. One day at work, Howard spots a male mannequin lying beside the garbage, its bare chest exposed. It catches Howard's eye as he passes, so much so that he turns back to look at it again. After thinking of the mannequin throughout the day, Howard goes back to the dumpster to retrieve it. He brings it home and hides it from his wife (Aaliyah Love). Try as he might, he can't get the mannequin off his mind. Once his wife is asleep, he sneaks out of their bedroom to check on his new acquisition (Elliot Finn), shocked by who he finds.