Dan Digiron & Chris Palmers

Duration: 22:22 Views: 5.7K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2022
Description: Sex is the furthest thing from Dan Digiron's mind when his cute, new boyfriend Chris Palmers comes in and plops himself down on the armchair next to Dan. Dan is focused on his phone and Chris is feeling just a little bit randy. He starts rubbing Dan's leg and crotch with his hand. Dan puts down his phone, reaches up and pulls Chris in for a deep passionate kiss. They strip out of their shirts and return to kissing. Chris continues rubbing the growing bulge in Dan's jeans so Dan pulls them off leaving him in only his underwear with his rock-hard cock playing peek-a-boo as it strains to be free. Chris helps Dan out of his underwear and Dan's uncut dick springs to attention. Chris kneels in front of Dan, grabs ahold of his dick and proceeds to deep-throat the whole thing. Dan pulls Chris up to the chair and has him bend over. Chris is still wearing his underwear and Dan pulls it up exposing his bum but not his hole. Dan finally pulls down Chris' underwear and proceeds to lube Chris' hole with a bit of spit. Dan has Chris sit back in the chair and starts priming his hole with his finger while going down on Chris' thick, uncut cock. Dan positions himself behind Chris and slowly drives his cock deep into Chris' hole. It's not long before Dan's power-fucking from the rear but Chris wants more. With Dan sitting in the chair, Chris climbs on top and sits right down onto Dan's cock. Chris is feverishly bouncing up and down on Dan's cock and jacking his own meat at the same time. When he knows it's time, he has Dan work his finger deep into his hole while he continues jerking his dick and soon a thick, creamy load of cum is spewing from his cock. Dan's really turned on by this point and as he jerks his cock faster, he blows his load, coating his hot, toned abs in a healthy heaping of jizz.