Ivan Kolos & Daniel Star

Duration: 20:49 Views: 8.2K Submitted: 11 months ago Year: 2021
Description: Ivan Kolos thought he might relax when his new roommate Daniel Star comes into his room and discovers a huge bulge showing in Ivan's jeans. Curiosity gets the best of Daniel. He makes his way over to the bed; thinks he's convinced that Ivan's asleep so he slowly rubs his hand against Ivan's crotch. Ivan does not make a move until Daniel grabs ahold of his cock. He reaches up and pushes Daniel's face towards his crotch and Daniel willing starts licking Ivan's jeans, biting at his unseen cock. Ivan kneels on the bed and strips off his shirt. He has a totally ripped chest and muscular arms. Ivan unzips his jeans and lets his thick, uncut cock plop out and Daniel does not waste an inch of it. He swallows the whole thing and then starts licking it like a lollipop. Ivan starts face-fucking Daniel, shoving his rock-hard cock deep down Daniel's throat. Daniel strips out of his clothes and lays down on the bed, his ass in the air waiting for Ivan to fill his hole. Ivan obliges and drives his thick cock deep into Daniels's hot ass. After a good ass-pounding Ivan lays back on the bed. Daniel straddles Ivan's cock and sits right down. The pleasure shows in his face as Ivan furiously thrusts his cock in and out of Daniel's ass. Daniel's cock remains rock hard and standing straight up. Apparently, Ivan's hitting all the right spots. Daniel grabs onto his cock and starts jacking it. His balls grow tight and all but disappear as Ivan continues pounding his ass. The two switch positions with Ivan on the bottom, legs in the air and spread wide. Ivan's pounding away and Daniel is jerking his cock in rhythm with the fucking. Daniel can't hold back any longer and he blows a thick load of creamy jizz all over his ripped abs. Ivan pulls out and continues jerking his cock until he squirts his cum all over Daniel's chest. After he squeezes every last drop of jizz out of his cock a totally spent Ivan lies down next to Daniel as the camera fades to black.