Viktor Butt & Tomas Dolnak Raw - Full Contact

Duration: 23:50 Views: 10K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2022
Description: Viktor Butt and Tomas Dolnak are checking out and learning road signs when they see one which Tomas thinks looks like a dick. That seems to trigger something in Viktor who moves over and kisses Tomas. They quickly divest themselves of tee shirts and Viktor starts to open Tomas' jeans. He kisses him more too. Tomas jeans are pushed down and Viktor takes hold of the exposed cock and starts to wank it. Then he takes it into his mouth and begins to suck. Tomas lays back and enjoys the feeling of the mouth working on his cock. He thrusts his hips hard to fuck that dick into Viktor's eager mouth. Viktor releases his own stiff cock and wanks hard on it as he continues to suck Tomas. Then Viktor takes off his jeans and kneels for Tomas to suck him. Tomas quickly takes the huge erection into his mouth and sucks it. He licks the shaft too. His own cock stays rock hard too as he services Viktor's. Tomas also gives Viktor's balls a quick licking. After being sucked for a while Viktor turns around and presents his hot, hairy, ass hole. Tomas laps at the tight hole as Viktor moans with pleasure. Tomas then rubs his big cock over the hole and slides it deep inside. That hole opens up and takes the cock with ease as Tomas fucks deep inside. Viktor moans loudly as he feels the big cock working his hole. Tomas fucks hard and fast stretching the hole wide. Tomas then pulls out and sits on the sofa. Viktor wants more of that cock though and he slides his hole down on the throbbing cock. He rides up and down on Tomas' big cock, working his hole well. Tomas then fucks hard up that ass and reaches round to wank on Viktor's cock. He then moves Viktor onto his back and pounds his hole deep. Viktor wanks his cock too as he takes the dick up his ass. Soon the cum erupts from Viktor's dick shooting all over his hot body. Tomas keeps fucking hard as Viktor milks himself dry. Then he pulls out and wank his cum onto Vitkor's cock and balls. Leaning down he then kisses Viktor again.