Tony Milak & Karl Stevens

Duration: 18:02 Views: 7.8K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2021
Description: Tony Milak is laying back on the bed with Karl Stevens rubbing Tony's tight abs and crotch as they passionately kiss. Tony strips down to his underwear; but that does not last long. His shorts quickly come off and Karl heads straight for Tony's thick uncut cock which he eagerly deep-throats. Karl slips out of his clothes and after some mutual blowjobs Karl slides in behind Tony. Tony pulls one leg back exposing his tight hole. Karl slowly pushes his engorged cock deep into Tony's ass. Once Tony is used to Karl's dick Karl begins fucking Tony deep and hard. Karl reaches around and grabs Tony's rock-hard cock and jacks it while he continues to plow Tony's hole and tease his nipples. Tony flips over onto all fours with his ass in the air. Karl drives his cock back in and the power-fucking continues with Tony moaning every time Karl hits bottom. Tony rolls over on his back, pulls his legs back, Karl resumes the ass-pounding and resumes jacking Tony's cock. Karl pulls out as he's about to lose it and squirts a thick, juicy load coating Tony's chest. Tony is jerking his cock and just as Karl lets go onto his chest Tony's cock releases load after load of creamy white jizz all over his tummy.