Home Gym Lovers Sc. 4

Duration: 25:29 Views: 2.2K Submitted: 3 weeks ago Year: 2022
Description: (Dean Way, Erik Climber, Jamie Calvin). Exercise can be fun on your own, but it’s so much more fun when you’ve got the company of others, as Jamie Calvin discovers when his keep-fit routine is interrupted by the arrival of Dean Way and Eric Climber. Suffice it to say, it’s no time at all before all three of these lads are out of their kit and appreciating each other’s handsome dicks; with Jamie’s cock very much taking centres-stage. Not that that situation lasts too long. Before you know it it’s his pert little arse that’s getting all the attention, signalling the start of a truly terrific three-piece fuck that’ll have you jerking like crazy. And if that doesn’t get you then the sight of Jamie’s face getting splattered with a tsunami of pent-up cum from his mates almost certainly will!