Elder Larsen Bishop's interview 2015

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Description: Elder Larsen Bishop's interview (Elder Larsen, Bishop Angus) 2015 Gay Porno HD Online NeedGayPorn.com When Bishop Angus arrives to help Elder Larsen take one step closer to manhood and membership in The Order, he finds that the door to his office is slightly ajar. He freezes just outside the office, and then he hears it: the slurping and the moaning that are telltale signs of two Mormon boys getting into trouble. He creeps to the door and peeks in. There is Elder Larsen, pants around his ankles, his head thrown back in ecstasy, getting his cock sucked by his half-naked companion. The bishop smiles and shakes his head. You really can’t leave missionaries alone for a second. They’re basically adolescents, extremely curious, and full powerful hormones that leave them constantly horny. Given the slightest opportunity, they are sucking and fucking and hoping that no one finds out. Even so, the bishop is surprised by their audacity. Sucking each other off right here in his office! Not that he minds. Elder Isaacs is a handsome guy, muscular, really macho — but Bishop Angus loves making the tough ones beg. And then there’s Elder Larsen, the boy he’s here to ride and anoint with his cum. The boy’s body is physical perfection, and he has these gorgeous eyes that make the bishop hard. He decides not interrupt them right away. He stands outside, watching them worship each other’s cocks, and he rubs his own dick through his pants, until he’s sporting a big hard erection. He has heard from the other men of The Order that Elder Larsen is a really great lay — that his ass tastes fantastic, and that he loves to be bossed around, treated roughly and fucked hard. Even when Bishop Angus enters the room, the boys don’t notice him. Ah, well, Elder Larsen will be paying him plenty of attention when he’s face down on the desk, struggling to take the bishop’s cock in his hole!
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