Clif London and TJ Brown

Duration: 23:00 Views: 12K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: We met a wonderful new cub during our last winter shoot in Toronto, just the kind of man you want to snuggle up to to make a freezing night bearable. Clif London is totally adorable with his full beard and his big, comfy belly and chest. But he's no angel. He's continuously horny and he loves to get his hot hole teased, fingered and fucked! His date is running late and Clif breaks down and starts play time without him, spreading his cheeks and fingering his own tight hole. If TJ hadn't finally showed up, Clif would have happily turned this into a self-fisting video! TJ Brown, another one of our new fave cubs, doesn't need an invitation to join Clif on the bed. He sees Clif's sticky fingers buried in his tight ass, and TJ starts lubing a dildo to help his new fuck-buddy reach deep down to the sweet spot. Clif moans as TJ bangs him with the dildo, and he's soon craving the real thing. He helps TJ get his pants off, and then he's face-first in TJ's crotch, slurping on his big heavy balls and licking his fat shaft. Clif loves the cock and he wants it in his ass and TJ can't wait to feel Clif on the inside. Clif flips on his belly and lifts his ass in the air and TJ rams his hole. Fucking hard doggy style and then with Clif on top, these big bodied cubs are amazing eventually collapse shooting huge cum-shots over their bellies and chests.
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